Dr Nontobeka Buthelezi Talks to members about SNES and pre-screening

On Thursday 23 August 2018, Dr Nontobeka Buthelezi, an educational psychologist from the University of KwaZulu-Natal came to address the teachers of Sizabantwana about how to assess whether learners need additional help or have special needs and how to stimulate learning. Dr Buthelezi, has experience in child assessment and SNES.

During this workshop Dr Buthelezi discussed why some children seem to have problems with learning the curriculum. Two possible factors were mentioned, the first is that children may not be taught properly and the second is that perhaps the children have learning difficulties. The second reason was explored more thoroughly as well as how to assess whether this is a factor. The first way to assess whether a child has special needs in to test that child's senses. In essence, does the child have all their senses (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.). Secondly, it was suggested that the child's cognitive functions be tested, i.e. their ability to complete memory and reasoning related tasks, these can be as simple as recalling a name. Dr Buthelezi, suggested that sometimes learners struggle with the curriculum when they have no interest in what is being taught. Therefore, it was suggested that teachers could create opportunities to make literacy meaningful to the learners, to initiate their interest.

We at Sizabantwana really appreciate Dr Buthelezi taking the time to share her wisdom with us. Dr Buthelezi, gave the teachers some excellent tips and great advice which they are looking forward to implementing in their own classrooms. Thank you from all of us!!!

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