Psychology Masters Workshop

As part of their community psychology project, six masters psychology students from the University of KwaZulu- Natal (Pietermaritzburg campus) had the opportunity to conduct a two-day workshop for educators who are members of the Sizabantwana project. The workshop was held on the 25-26 of June 2018 at the Methodist Church. The focus on the first day of the workshop was on Disorders namely ADHD- Inattentive and Autism. The second day focused on Wellness, which aimed to equip the educators with coping mechanisms during stressful situations.

The two-day workshop offered informative sessions whilst allowing the educators an opportunity to interact and share their ideas on teaching methods. Day one focused on disorders which may have an impact on learner performance. The educators were provided with information to help them identify learners who may require further assistance or attention within a classroom setting. ADHD-Inattentive formed part of the presentation, very often individuals with Inattention may go unnoticed due to the presentation of the symptoms.

Autism was presented in the second session of day one, the educators were enthusiastic to learn and engaged during the presentation.

The second day focused on wellness. The educators had the opportunity to engage in breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Furthermore, the educators completed a tree of life activity. The tree of life allowed them to individually draw a tree focusing on their roots, ground, trunk, branches, leaves etc. The purpose of this activity aimed to help the educators to identify past and present experiences which have contributed to their present self.

The activity ended with small focus groups which aimed to motivate educators to share their struggles and assist each other as a team.

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