Speech therapy and audiology with the Pietermaritzburg assessment and therapy centre

On Thursday the 14th of September, the teachers of Sizabantwana had a meeting with Iviwe and Avuyile on the topic of speech therapy and audiology from the Pietermaritzburg assessment and therapy centre (PATC). The PATC have been very generous in sharing their expertise with Sizabantwana as they have previously come to discuss the topics of occupational and physio therapy with us.

Iviwe, and audiologist at the PATC explained what audioloists are and how they help individuals by providing some insight into how people hear and the various issues that may affect hearing specifically in children as this would apply most to the teacher's classroom experiences. Iviwe also gave the teachers tips for identifying children who may need to be referred to an audiologist. These identifiable behaviours that children experiencing issues with their ears may display can include: pulling or tugging on the ears, discharge from the ears, lack of attention and issues with balance. Avuyile, the Speech therapist from the PATC also went over the role that a speech therapist may have in the lives of children and their role in improving speech. Avuyile discussed some of the causes of possible speech issues and the kinds of patients that a speech therapist would help. Typically a speech therapist's role is to help individuals communicate better.

On behalf of all the teachers at Sizabantwana, we would like to thank you and the PATC for your contribution to the empowerment of our teachers, by sharing your wisdom.

Thank you

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