Diabetes in Childhood

At last Thursday's meeting, Dr Barnesh Dadha, a pediatrician with a special interest in diabetes came to talk to Sizabantwana's members about diabetes in school age children. The meeting was relaxed and open as Dr Dadha lead an informal discussion around the issue of diabetes and welcomed the myriad of questions that the teachers asked.

We started off the meeting by watching a short video about a child experiencing the symptoms of diabetes for the first time. The video was useful in orienting us to the experience of children who have diabetes and the issues that often arise or stem from diabetes in childhood. From the video Dr Dadha explained some of the concepts relating to diabetes, including the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the difference between hypo and hyperglycemia as well as how insulin may be administered. Dr Dadha then allowed the teachers to ask questions and discuss any relevant issues. The teachers really enjoyed this, as they were able to focus the meeting on the most pertinent issues that they are most effected by. Dr Dadha also handed out some pamphlets and informative leaflets and allowed the teachers to see an insulin pen and how it works.

Thank you very much Dr Dadha for coming to speak to Sizabantwana. We learnt a lot and really appreciated the time that you took to empower us as educators. We are grateful for the invaluable insight and wisdom that you shared with us.

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