Learning Styles

On Thursday the 17th of August, Sizabantwana met with Ms Sebenzile Nkululeko Mnguni, who is an educational psychology intern at the Child and Family Centre at UKZN. Ms Mnguni shared some very interesting and relevant information about different styles and techniques on how to teach to the different learning styles. Ms Mnguni also incorporated elements of the different learning and teaching styles into her own workshop.

We started off the workshop with an icebreaker by introducing ourselves with an alliterative adjective. This fun exercise was not only welcoming and introductory but also illustrated everyone's unique interpretation of themselves. This lead to a discussion on how everyone has their own unique preference or style for learning new information and teaching it, because everyone has unique abilities and experiences. We also learnt about the different models of learning which include personality characteristics, information processing, social interaction and instructional preference.

For the practical component of the workshop, Ms Mnguni focused on the instructional preference. All of the Sizabantwana members present completed the short VARK questionnaire, which is said to indicate an individual's preference for either visual, aural, written or kinesthetic learning. The Sizabantwana teachers completed and scored their own questionnaires, to reveal what kind of learner they were. Once their learning style was revealed the teachers got into group based on their learning preference to plan a two minute lesson which incorported their specific learning style on the topic "Teddy Bear".One of the teachers from each group then delivered the two minute lesson to everyone. This creative exercise was enjoyed by everyone and allowed the teachers to think about alternative ways to teach their lessons. The dolls from Uthando that were being distributed to the teachers became a very useful teddy bear substitute in the "Teddy Bear" lessons.

The teachers really enjoyed the workshop and were very grateful to participate in the practical component of the workshop. From everyone at Sizabantwana, we would like to thank Ms Sebenzile Nkululeko Mnguni and the CFC for coming to talk to us and share their knowledge.

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