First Aid Training

On Thursday the 18th May Mrs Erica Drinkwater from the Academy of Healthcare Management Training came to give Sizabantwana some essential first aid and emergency awareness guidance to take back to their schools. The Academy of healthcare management training is a private institution that specialises in emergency healthcare training and provides excellent education on first aid and CPR.

In the workshop given by Mrs Drinkwater, the teachers of Sizabantwana learnt how to assess an emergency situation, check for and remove any hazards and call for help. The teachers also learnt the ABCs of first aid; that is: airway, breathing and circulation. Everyone at the meeting had a chance to learn how to correctly read a person’s pulse, check for breathing, perform the Heimlich manoeuvre and practice CPR on manikins whilst learning the different techniques for infants, children, and adults. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed this practical first aid experience and were able to practice their skills and reinforce their understanding. The teachers were also given training on how to position patients in the recovery position, how to deal with asthma attacks, drowning, burns, bleeding, broken bones, and impalements. The meeting altogether was very informative and covered a great deal of very useful skills to have in the classroom.

Thank you very much to Mrs Erica Drinkwater and the Academy of healthcare management training for providing us at Sizabantwana with such an educational experience, and for giving our teachers these very important life-saving skills. The experience was not only enjoyable but also extremely valuable. I speak on behalf of all the teachers at Sizabantwana when I extend a warm appreciation for those life-saving lessons learnt. Thank-you.

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