19 May 2016 – LifeLine PMB: Anger Management

Philile Ndlovu from the LifeLine Pietermaritzburg office came to talk to us about anger management. This is a topic that concerns many of us as it affects children and adults alike whether they experience anger issues or are exposed to those who have anger issues.

LifeLine is an organisation that responds to emotional trauma and individual crises with a view of providing emotional support. Their services include counselling, presenting talks on various topics and HIV testing and counselling.

Philile began by explaining what anger is and how it is defined. Simply put you get a trigger and our point a view about this trigger and our temperament and this equals anger. It is a coping mechanism and it is an emotion characterised towards someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. It should be noted that anger is normal and is healthy to a certain extent.

The teachers discussed anger triggers from their perspective such as behaviours in their students. This can be laziness, inattentiveness, bullying and being disruptive. Triggers stem from the past and it is important to figure out what our particular triggers are to deal with them effectively. There is a physical response to triggers and heightened stress and bodily tension was identified by the teachers.

Everyone was given the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of anger and how it impacted on their interactions with their learners. It was emphasised that adults need to be careful what they say to children when they are angry as the chances are high that the child will always remember what was said.

To end off there was a discussion on forgiveness which was very helpful showing the importance of forgiving even when the other person has done you wrong. When you forgive them the weight of the anger that you have been carrying no longer weighs heavily on you.

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