3 November 2016 - Year end celebration

The final meeting for 2016 was an inspirational talk by Mrs Phumzile Kunene as well as a lunch to celebrate another great year together and to thank everybody involved in the Sizabantwana Project. This is an important support system for teachers as well as an opportunity for teachers to be informed and empowered to deal with the psycho-social issues in their own classrooms.

Mrs Kunene, who now works for Seda (Small Enterprise Development Agency), was a teacher for 20 years and felt honoured to be amongst teachers who are the true giants of society. With the festive season just around the corner everyone was reminded that is coming to that time of the year where everything is wrapped up and it is a time to look back on what was achieved.

Mrs Kunene shared the following wise thoughts. What is a teacher? A person and professional who provides education. A Sizabantwana teacher goes above and beyond this and performs many other roles to further nurture and mentor learners. Teachers must always try and remember to be honest and to listen well to be able to touch lives and make a lasting impression. An outstanding teacher posses the following qualities. To be patient and check in with a child, be knowledgeable but also use tools and strategies available to them, life long learning and developing of skills, a good personality, being innovative, being a natural leader, be mature, and finally listen well.

Following on from this Mrs Kunene ended off with some valuable advice. During this festive season of giving, take time to slow down, enjoy the little things and the simple things. Remember that life is an echo, what you send out comes back to you and what you sow you reap. Always give goodness and thank you for being present and dedicated over this year.

This was a very positive way to end off 2016 and to remember to be grateful for the year but to also rest and recharge for an energised and successful 2017.

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