25 August 2016 - UKZN Child and family centre (CFC)

The Child and Family Centre (CFC) based at the University of Kwazulu-Natal allowed their Educational Psychology interns to come and speak about barriers to learning. The CFC provides a wide range of psychological services for children and families. (+27 33 260 5166)

What are barriers to learning? They can be learning disabilities (intellectual impairment), learning problems (visual, hearing or psychological) and learning difficulties (behavioural and emotional). Teachers should be aware of these and be able to identify that there is an issue so a child can receive the assistance that they need. There are developmental as well as behavioural red flags that can appear and this can be in their drawing, writing, mathematics, talking, reading, behaviour and physical development and coordination.

Classroom management is key to being able to assist the learners who experience barriers to learning. Classroom rules are very important and upholding these rules in a consistent manner. Psycho-educational Assessments can also be done which will provide feedback and assist the teachers and parents to create a relevant learning environment for the child.

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