14 April 2016 – KZN Epilepsy

Our fifth meeting saw the KZN Epilepsy coming to talk to us about this very important topic. This was something that the Sizabantwana members requested, to actually learn about epilepsy and to help them understand students who may have epilepsy.

There are different types of epilepsy and epileptic seizures can present themselves in different ways. There are seizures that are very physical and it is important to know how to administer first aid so that the person does not injure themselves during the seizure. There are also seizures that are not very obvious so it is important for teachers to be able to pick up these signs, such as spacing out and losing concentration during a seizure. This will ensure that a child is correctly diagnosed and given the appropriate medication to manage their epilepsy.

The discussion that followed the presentation brought up various issues such as stigma and discrimination surrounding those suffering with epilepsy. There are also social issues where children may not have the resources to eat regularly which effects when they can take their medication as this should be done with food. However, epilepsy is not recognised as a disability and therefore they are not given a grant to assist with purchasing enough food. This discussion highlighted a number of areas of concern that need continued conversations.

Here are the contact details for KZN Epilepsy: 35 Hyslop Road 033 394 1041

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