10 March 2016 – Diabetes dietician

Gayle Adams, the paediatric dietician at Greys Hospital, followed on from the previous meeting to speak specifically about the diet that a diabetic patient should try and maintain. There was also information regarding food habits that we should all be trying to follow to prevent developing diabetes.

The South African Food Guide has been researched and developed specifically for the South African population and the types of move that many people have access to. The guide talks about the importance of portion control along with how to use your hand to measure your various portions.

Finally we were taken through the South African guidelines for healthy eating that has 11 key points to remember when planning what to eat. The group had many valuable questions regarding diabetes and diet that Gayle was able to answer.

This two part series on diabetes was a great way to end off the first term. We hope that everybody has a safe and happy Easter Holiday.

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